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What We Do

What type of research programmes does IMRAS offer?

We package our information in two types of formats for our clients:

  • Private client (or custom designed) reports
  • Multiclient reports (“off the shelf” or “syndicated” type of reports)

IMRAS runs a wide range of its reports in this multiclient format.

What does IMRAS mean by a multiclient report?
  • The research results are packaged and made available for sale on a subscription basis to any company that has an interest in that market/industry/product.
  • These reports are updated approximately every two or three years.
  • Since costs are shared across the various subscribers, IMRAS is able to undertake large scale surveys, offering clients a superior set of highly accurate results.
  • Furthermore, IMRAS is renowned for the depth of its reporting, with each report covering a wide range of issues and market facts, with indepth commentary and strategic overviews in its summaries.
  • The fees charged to subscribers are just a fraction of the cost of the total studies, with other subscribers cross sharing the total cost burden.
  • A large number of the reports have been running for over 20 years now, and provide core information to clients which is otherwise not available from any other source in Australia.
  • Fundamentally, these reports rely upon results from major Australian wide survey programmes, although they may well include a compact review of other relevant publicly available information. From our clients’ perspective they often become the “industry bible” regarding the key dynamics of that marketplace.
  • While each subscribing client will receive the same research information, often IMRAS will conduct a parallel study for a particular client so that they can benchmark their clients, their businesses etc against the wider market as a whole.
  • Also, for a small extra fee, we offer subscribers the chance to add on specific questions (omnibus style) for their own confidential purposes.
Why should I consider buying one of IMRAS’s multiclient reports?

IMRAS has had a very long term involvement in these multi client studies (especially the automotive sector), and so our clients are able to benefit in a number of ways, especially from:

  • The vast wealth of knowledge IMRAS has now accumulated regarding these markets
  • IMRAS’s unique position of knowing and regularly communicating with all the key participant companies across these markets, and
  • IMRAS’s role as “caretaker” of large databases of information, often on an extended longitudinal basis dating back 20 years.
How can IMRAS help in solving our specific research needs?

IMRAS’s private client work channels our extensive expertise in our areas of specialisation to provide tailored, value-added research solutions, which address our clients’ specific business issues.   The range of services we offer is very comprehensive, and IMRAS will ensure the right methodology and approach to the task is selected to ensure our clients achieve the right balance between the quality of information and cost.

What sort of research services does IMRAS offer?

While we are specialists in B2B markets we also provide a wide range of B2C market research and strategy services to both small and large companies.

  • Market feasibility studies
  • New product or service evaluation
  • Tracking studies
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Market segmentation
  • Diversification and acquisition research
  • Technology forecasts
  • Market forecasts
  • Export/import potential
  • Planning and strategy studies
  • Internal employee surveys
What methods does IMRAS use to collect its information?

Effective market research often needs to combine a number of disciplines and techniques to accomplish the task. These will include consultants with technical and commercial training and the use of business-to-business and consumer research techniques. Some of the tools that we use include:

  • Executive interviewing
  • Telephone surveys (either CATI or via hard copy)
  • Online surveys
  • Postal questionnaires
  • Focus groups
  • Multi modal surveys
  • Omnibus survey
  • Desk work data collection and analysis
  • In-house industry sector expertise